in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 79 – Mr. Crawley Speaks of his Coat

Rome and Athens

When speaking to the dean, Mr. Crawley says that he has no ambition to climb Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn.  He goes further to say that although the thought of going to Rome and Athens (sites connected with the study of his beloved Classics) makes his mouth water a little, he still has no desire to go there.  Mr. Crawley states that going to Athens would “destroy more than it would build up” since his mental picture of Athens is so vivid.  [KD & RR 2006]


Like to like is true

Mr. Crawley is trying to explain to Mr. Arabin why he cannot associate comfortably with his former friend:  the difference in their economic standing makes them unfit for each other.  In asserting “like to like is true,” Mr. Crawley is paraphrasing a Latin proverb, similis simili gaudet (“like rejoices in like”).  [RR 2006]