in American Senator

Chapter 78 – The Senator’s Lecture–No. 2


During the course of his speech Senator Gotobed berates the assembled noblemen for their natural assumption that they are tyrants.  Given the context, it is clear that Trollope is using the word in its Classical sense of “above the law.”  [CMC 2012]


care and cure

Senator Gotobed criticizes the Church of England and its priests and prelates during the course of his speech.  At one point, he talks about their inability to provide proper “care” for the souls of their flocks, correcting himself and using “cure” in the British fashion. “Cure” is related to the Latin verb curo, curare, “to care for,” while “care” has an Old English origin.  This echoes other instances in which Gotobed expresses a liking for common words over specialized ones favored by the British.  [CMC & RR 2012]

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