in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 78 – The Arabins Return to Barchester

His prophecies were not fulfilled

Archdeacon Grantly talks about his father living for a long time after he was expected to die as a failing of the doctor’s “prophecies.”  This phrasing positions the doctor as an oracle, such as those consulted in the Classical era, except the doctor’s predictions are considered unreliable.  [EB 2006]


She is all the graces rolled into one

Mrs. Grantly describes her husband as having this high opinion of Grace Crawley.  The image of “all the graces” in one person recalls the portrait of Mrs. Dobbs Broughton portrayed as each of the three Graces.  This draws a contrast between Grace, who possesses true qualities of grace, and Mrs. Broughton, who assumes a superficial and contrived appearance of grace.  [EB 2006]