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Chapter 72 – “Bid Him Be a Man”

queen of the place

Mr. Masters assesses how fortunate he is to be the father of the wife of the squire at Bragton, and someday the grandfather of a squire.  He is proud that his daughter will be “queen of the place.”  This title is especially suitable for Mary when viewed in connection to Reginald.  His name is partly derived from the Latin noun rex, “king.”  For much of the novel, Reginald is a secluded gentleman, but upon John Morton’ death, he ascends to the ownership of Bragton and the position of squire.  He moves from a private existence to the life of a landed gentleman who occupies an important social role in the community.  Reginald’s gentle and honorable disposition, his “kingly” behavior, seems to make him particularly suited for the role of squire.  Mary, as his wife and as a character with a gracious and gentle goodness, fills her role as “queen” of Bragton.  [CD 2012]