in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 65 – Miss Van Siever Makes her Choice

By Jove

A common Victorian expression of surprise, realization, or frustration.  “Jove” refers to Jupiter, the god who was head of the Roman pantheon.  Mr. Mussleboro says this to himself after Clara Van Siever turns down his marriage proposal and asks him not to try to persuade her.  Through saying this, he is expressing his frustration at not being able to persuade Clara into marrying him.  This phrase is also emphasizing Mr. Mussleboro’s realization that in his view both Clara and her mother are “Tartars” or shrews.  [AM 2006]



Fortune was the Roman goddess of chance or luck. Trollope uses this allusion to Fortune in order to show that Mr. Musselboro now understands that–luckily–he does not need to marry Clara in order to have access to Mrs. Van Siever’s money.  [AM & RR 2006]