in Small House at Allington

Chapter 55 – Not Very Fie Fie After All

Love was necessary

Palliser comes to this realization during his apparent flirtation with Lady Dumbello.  The abstract concept of love is capitalized and referred to as an entity here, as in Classical personifications.  [EB 2006]


By Jove (appearing two times)

This exclamation is here used by Lord Dumbello, reacting to the letter from Lady Dumbello’s mother. The phrase, which makes use of the name of the king of the Roman gods, is found throughout Trollope’s novels.  [EB 2006]


she had triumphed

Lady Dumbello reclaims her husband’s trust by showing him her mother’s letter warning her about her relationship with Palliser.  The word “triumph” draws a parallel between this private social victory and the large celebrations of military success practiced in ancient Rome.  Further, Lady Dumbello receives a necklace that is compared to a “jewelled cuirass” from her husband after this incident, drawing a humorous parallel with the spoils of war claimed by victorious soldiers.  [EB 2006]


what Fortune did for him

Fortune is described here as an active entity shaping Palliser’s life, an image which resonates with the Roman personification of luck, Fortuna.  [EB 2006]