in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 55 – Framley Parsonage


A Latin verb meaning “I forbid”. This word comes from the power that the Roman tribune of the plebeians had to put a stop to other governmental actions. When Mr. Robarts is explaining why Grace Crawley is staying at Framley Parsonage, he senses Mr. Oriel’s disapproval of the situation but states that he did not feel it was necessary to “put a veto” on the visit.  [AM 2006]


You mean, she is a lady?

Mr. Robarts articulates the question that his colleague, Mr. Oriel, is struggling to ask about Grace Crawley.  Oriel explains that he knows Grace is a lady by birth, but Mr. Robarts suggests that Grace is also a lady by education, manners, and appearance.  Grace’s high level of education is mentioned by Mr. Robarts first in his list of Grace’s qualifications as a “lady.”  [RR 2011]