in Barchester Towers

Chapter 51 – Mr. Slope Bids Farewell to the Palace and its Inhabitants

facile princeps

Mrs. Proudie is referred to as facile princeps.  It is a Latin phrase literally meaning “easily first.”  In the conflict between Ms. Proudie and Mr. Slope over Hiram’s Hospital, Mrs. Proudie came out the winner.  Princeps was one title used by the Roman emperors, including Augustus, who triumphed over Mark Antony in a civil war.  Perhaps this title is Mrs. Proudie’s reward for being victorious in the civil war she had just fought with Mr. Slope.  It could also show that she has proven herself to be her husband’s emperor.  The phrase gives Mrs. Proudie a prestigious stature that reinforces her presentation as a triumphant victor.  [TH 2005]


gods above and below

The divinites of Olympus and of the Underworld, celestial and chthonic.  [RR 2011]