in Barchester Towers

Chapter 47 – The Dean Elect


Trollope says that “Rumour, when she has contrived to sound the first note on her trumpet, soon makes a loud peal audible enough.”  This is an example of the personification used by Classical authors wherein a thing (victory or passion) that normally has no agency of its own is attributed with human-like or god-like qualities.  [TH 2005]

Rumor (Latin Fama) is personified in Vergil’s Aeneid.  [RR 2011]

Sources:  Vergil, Aeneid 4.173-177.


to have the cup so near his lips

See gloss in commentary for Chapter 24.  When Mr. Harding tells the archdeacon that he is intent upon declining a proposed promotion to dean, Trollope says that the archdeacon couldn’t stand “to have the cup so near his lips and to loose the drinking of it.”  The archdeacon would have desired to see Mr. Harding become the new dean but is disappointed after coming so close to having an ally in the deanery.  [TH 2005]