in Claverings

Chapter 46 – Madame Gordeloup Retires from British Diplomacy

our friend Doodles, alias Captain Boodle, of Warwickshire

Alias is a Latin word adopted into English as an adverb; it primarily means “otherwise called or named.”  Usually the word modifies a name other than a person’s real name, but here Trollope uses it to modify “Boodle,” which is presumably the Captain’s actual name.  Trollope writes this when Captain Boodle is leaving London with Sophie Gordeloup, who is suspected of being a Russian spy.  By adding the word alias in front of Captain Boodle’s name, Trollope recalls the suggestions of spying that surround Sophie.  [SH 2012]

Trollope’s application of alias to Captain Boodle’s name may also be humorous.  It could suggest that Boodle’s true, somewhat buffoonish, identity is better conveyed by his silly nickname “Doodles.” For the inept Boodle, his actual title and name act as a disguise.  [RR 2013]

Source:  OED.