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Chapter 46 – It Cannot Be Arranged

music of the spheres

Reginald Morton is struggling with his feelings for Mary Masters.  He is unsure if being with a woman is what he wants, but his affection for Mary is growing.  When thinking of her, Reginald imagines in Mary’s appearance a poem as lovely as “the music of the spheres,” a concept with Classical origins. Pythagoras proposed the theory that the heavenly bodies are arranged in accordance with musical principles.  Reginald elevates Mary’s beauty to the heavenly and sublime.  [KS & RR 2012]

Source:  Pliny the Elder (on Pythagoras), Natural History 2 (the section division of Pliny’s Natural History can be awkward; depending on the edition, the discussion of Pythagoras’ musical heavens in book 2 can be found at subdivision 20, 22, 30, or 84).