in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 45 – Lily Dale Goes to London

The Fate of L.D.

Upon arriving in London, Lily Dale begins contemplating her cousin Bernard’s marriage and her unmarried fate in life.  At this moment perhaps Lily is realizing that she does not want to be an Old Maid, even though she has sealed her own destiny by writing in her book “As arranged by Fate for L.D.”  In Classical mythology, the Fates are goddesses who determine when someone dies.  [KD 2006]

Sources:  Cassell’s Dictionary of Classical Mythology.


A jovial Mrs. Thorne

As the squire and Lily Dale enter the Thornes’ house in London, they are greeted by a “jovial voice on the stairs.”  The word “jovial” comes from the Latin name, Jove, king of the gods, and has come to describe someone who is good-natured and cheerful.  In the use of the word here, Trollope may be drawing on the common meaning of the word as well as on its etymological origin.  Not only is Mrs. Thorne merry, but she is also god-like in her social position due to her great wealth.  Mrs. Thorne’s jovial voice comes from above–as if from Olympian heights.  [KD & RR 2006]

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