in Bertrams

Chapter 41 – I Could Put a Codicil

all the Sir Omicrons in Europe

George is about to visit Mr. Bertram after his trip to Egypt, and he has been told that Mr. Bertram’s condition is so poor that all the “Sir Omicrons” could visit him and it would do no good.  Sir Omicron is a character used by Trollope in other novels as a doctor of some standing.  Sir Omicron’s name derives from the name of a letter of the Greek alphabet.  [KS 2012]


maddening folly

As George settles himself at Hadley, he must regularly face Caroline, but they never mention nor repeat their moment of “maddening folly” in Eaton Square.  “Maddening folly” is reminiscent of the Latin aphorism used in Chapter 33, Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat, “Those whom God wishes to destroy he first makes crazy.”  Trollope first invoked this sentiment in reference to Harcourt and his desire to invite George to dinner, but its application broadens to include Caroline and George, as well.  See commentary for Chapter 33.  [KS & RR 2012]