in Small House at Allington

Chapter 40 – Preparations for the Wedding

contemptuous patronage

Lady de Courcy is said to give to Crosbie “contemptuous patronage.”  A patron is one who gives support to a person with a lower social standing.  Lady de Courcy gives Crosbie contemptuous patronage because she knows that he is going to be her son-in-law and thus she has him in her power.  Therefore she can be contempuous if she would like.  [KD 2006]


Crosbie used to shine on Lady de Courcy

Trollope states that Crosbie used to shine upon Lady de Courcy, but now that he is engaged he is no longer like the god Apollo.  Crosbie is losing the connection with Apollo first forged by Lily in Chapter 2.  [KD & RR 2006]


plebeian husband and noble parent

This phase occurs when Lady de Courcy and Alexandrina are discussing Alexandrina’s desire for clothes fit for herself as the earl’s daughter.  Trollope tells us that Lady de Courcy tries to explain to her daughter that the preparations for the wedding should be accommodated to the “plebeian” husband rather than the noble parent.  “Plebeian” is a Roman term for the common people, like Crosbie.  [KD 2006]