in Small House at Allington

Chapter 34 – The Combat


This word is from the Latin annales meaning “yearbooks.”  This was a standard term used by Roman historians to title their historical works.  Trollope seems to uses this Latinate word so that is sounds like John Eames’ fight with Crosbie is almost an historical event. Through the use of this word the episode of the fight becomes a little humorous by being elevated in this way.  [AM 2006]

Sources:  OCD.


Who can say that punishment–adequate punishment–had not overtaken him?

This reference to punishment implies Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution and punishment.  By implying Nemesis, Trollope is showing that Crosbie’s egregious act of jilting Lily Dale is finally being punished through means of the black eye and public humiliation that were brought about by John Eames.  See commentary on Nemesis and antecedentem scelestum in Chapter 37 of Framley Parsonage.  [AM 2006]

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