in Small House at Allington

Chapter 32 – Pawkins’s in Jermyn Street

John and his patron

This is another reference to the earl as John’s patron, the earl.  See the commentary for Chapter 22.  [KD 2006]


drowsy god

The earl is said to fight with the drowsy god after dinner.  The drowsy god likely refers to the god personified by sleep, Hypnos. [KD 2006]

Sources:  Cassell’s Dictionary of Classical Mythology.


Dives and Lazarus

Trollope refers to this story in a comparison between the offices of John Eames and Adolphus Crosbie:  the Income-tax Office is as distant from the General Committee Office as Lazarus is from Dives.  The parable of Dives and Lazarus, found in Luke 16:19-31, is about a rich man (in Latin, Dives) and the poor man (Lazarus) who lived outside of the rich man’s house begging for a crumb of food.  In the afterlife, a chasm separates Dives (in hell) from Lazarus (in heaven).  [KD & RR 2006; rev. 2011]

Sources:  Luke 16:19-31.