in Framley Parsonage

Chapter 29 – Miss Dunstable at Home

gods and giants

Here Trollope uses the gods and giants motif to address the difference between the politics of men and women.  Miss Dunstable tells Sir George, “The men divide the world into gods and giants.  We women have our divisions also.  We are saints or sinners according to our party.  The worst of it is that we rat almost as often as you do.”  The gods and giants represent the political parties of Victorian England.  Miss Dunstable tells us that the society of women also divides itself into parties, after a fashion.  [TH 2005]


a small god speaking of the giants

The “small god” speaks of the possible dissolution of the house.  His election campaign will be expensive.  It is interesting that he is not mentioned by name but is described as belonging to the party of the gods and having an expensive constituency.  [TH 2005]