in Framley Parsonage

Chapter 24 – Magna est Veritas

Magna est Veritas

“Great is truth.”  A quotation from the Vulgate version of the apocryphal 3 Esdras.  Miss Dunstable repeats these words (which she says she has learned from the bishop) to Mrs. Harold Smith when she is trying to induce Mrs. Harold Smith to be open with her.  It also the title of the entire chapter.  [JC 2005]

Sources:  3 Esdras 4:41.  (Note: the Latin 3 Esdras is identified as 1 Esdras in English versions of the Bible.)


old blood

“[Mr. Sowerby] was proud of the old blood that flowed in his veins.”  It is interesting to note here that Trollope does not refer to Mr. Sowerby’s blood as ichor as he has done in other novels, when mentioning other established families such as the Thornes.  [JC 2005]


breakdown of the gods

Another reference to one of the political parties as gods.  [JC 2005]


if you go to your Latin, I’m lost

Mrs. Harold Smith says this to Miss Dunstable when she repeats the Latin phrase that she has learned from the bishop.  Following the educational standards of the day, Trollope’s women are not expected to have extensive knowledge of Classical languages; notice that Miss Dunstable explains that she has only recently picked up the Latin phrase magna est veritas from the bishop.  [JC & RR 2005]