in Old Man's Love

Chapter 24 – Conclusion

fixed as fate

Mary understands that once Mr. Whittlestaff has decided not to come to Little Alresford it is a determination as “fixed as fate.” Throughout the novel Mr. Whittlestaff’s decisions have had a determining power over the lives of others, and here Mary sees that what Mr. Whittlestaff decides stands immovable. See the note on fate in the Chapter 1 commentary. [RR 2018]


Blake-cum-Forrester marriage

Cum is the Latin preposition meaning “with,” and its use here in regard to Mr. Blake’s marriage with Kattie Forrester is simultaneously formal and playful. [RR 2018]



Once again Mr. Blake is garrulous, though less so, echoing the Latin quotation from Horace in Chapter 14 as well as John Gordon’s assessment in Chapter 13. Mr. Blake’s garrulity has had no small impact on the lives of the protagonists, although the trait is regarded as odious. That he is made timid by his upcoming marriage to Kattie Forrester, and that he is made quieter by it, may improve our view of Mr. Blake. [CMS 2018]