in Framley Parsonage

Chapter 22 – Hogglestock Parsonage

Greek Delectus

This is the text which Grace Crawley is currently studying with her father, who is attempting to give her as much of a Classical education as he is able.  Lucy Robarts initially thought that these books belonged to Bob, Grace’s brother, and she is surprised to find out that Grace herself is the one studying this subject. In the Victorian period it was rare for a woman to receive an education in Greek.  [MD 2005]

In Latin, delectus means “choice,” and a Greek Delectus would contain a variety of sentences and passages from different authors.


ode of Horace

Horace was an ancient Roman poet who was famous for his carmina, or odes. In this reference, Grace Crawley is described as knowing one of these odes, which was taught to her by her father, and she is therefore thought to be an intelligent girl by Lucy Robarts, although Lucy says so in a playful tone.  [MD 2005]