in Doctor Thorne

Chapter 17 – The Election


Mr. Moffat’s personal Elysium is his seat in Parliament.  See the gloss in the commentary for Chapter 1 of The Warden.  [JC 2005]



This word is the plural form of the Latin facetia, meaning “jest” or “joke.”  According to the OED the English word means “witticisms” or “humorous sayings,” which furthers the joke that Trollope is making here.  He uses this sophisticated word to describe the very unsophisticated taunts which the men toss at Mr. Moffat as he makes his speech.  Furthermore, he uses the word just as the most juvenile attack–the throwing of the rotten egg–is about to be committed.  [JC 2005]

Sources:  OED.


words flowing sweeter than honey

This phrase is a rendition of the word “mellifluous,” which is of Latin origin.  Mr. Moffat, by this point (after having been attacked with a rotten egg), has lost all faith in the mellifluousness of his speaking skills.  [JC 2005]