in American Senator

Chapter 16 – Mr. Gotobed’s Philosophy

aristocracy, plutocracy, man

Mr. Gotobed conceptualizes the lawsuit of Goarly against Lord Rufford as the fight of a single man against the whole of an oppressive and rich ruling class.  The words used to describe this ruling class, “aristocracy, plutocracy, demon,” all are derived from Latin and Greek, while the word to describe Goarly, “man,” is Anglo-Saxon in origin.  The etymological contrast highlights Gotobed’s ability to identify with the common man (Goarly) more readily than the demon of plutocracy (Lord Rufford).  [CD 2012]


senatorial honours

Mr. Gotobed’s description of his political position in the United States is lost on Goarly.  In referring to Gotobed’s “senatorial honours,” Trollope recalls the Roman cursus honorum, the traditional ladder of public offices leading to the consulship and senatorial membership.  [RR 2012]