in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 15 – Up In London

Gods upon earth

John Eames is described as being perceived as a “god” by his sister, since Trollope says that brothers like him, who are “generous [and] affectionate,” are like “gods” for their sisters who do not have “special god[s],” or suitors, of their own.  This comparison is interesting since Lily Dale is often described as being unable to associate the godlike qualities of an “Apollo” with John Eames in the way that she did with Crosbie.  [EB 2006]


Banished altogether from such holy ground

Here John Eames regards Lily’s mind as “holy ground,” in which thoughts of Crosbie should not intrude.  The phrase elevates Lily’s mind to a sanctified place like the sacred temples and shrines of Classical gods.  [EB 2006]