in Framley Parsonage

Chapter 15 – Lady Lufton’s Ambassador

carrying with them their humble household gods, and settled themselves in another country

In the Aeneid, Vergil tells the story of one of the surviving heroes of Troy, Aeneas, who escapes the destruction of that city, carrying with him his father, son, and the statues of the deities of his household and city.  He makes a very long and adventurous journey with the remainder of the Trojan people, trying to found a new city as he has been told he is destined to do, until he reaches the site of future Rome.  The Crawley family is being compared to Aeneas and his people; they move from their home to another place, assuming that they will be able to build a better life than they had previously.  [JM 2005]

Sources:  Vergil, Aeneid 2 (see the latter part of the book for an account of Aeneas’ exit from Troy with his family and the household gods).