in Barchester Towers

Chapter 13 – The Rubbish Cart

St. Bartholomew and St. Sebastian

St. Bartholomew was one of the apostles, known in ancient times for preaching the Christian gospel in less-than-civilized areas.  He is said to have suffered martyrdom by being flayed alive or crucified.  St. Sebastian was executed by the emperor Diocletian around the year 284 CE; he was sentenced to be shot with arrows until dead.  However, he survived this and surprised the emperor by showing up alive to preach to him, at which point Diocletian had him beaten to death.  (St. Lorenzo, who is also mentioned by Trollope in this passage, does not have Classical connections.)  [JM 2005]


carting away the useless rubbish of past centuries

See gloss in commentary for Chapter 12.