in Claverings

Chapter 12 – Lady Ongar Takes Possession

rich she was in horses, how rich in broidered garments and in gold

Lady Ongar repeats this thought to herself as she sits alone, trying to convince herself that all her struggles against her late husband and his family have paid off.  In a way, she has already won a battle because she has secured Lord Ongar’s estate as her own; however, she must now fight society to restore her reputation.  Trollope’s representation of Julia’s train of thought uses a translation of Vergil’s description of Turnus as he marches to war in the Aeneid.  Just as riches were not enough to ultimately save Turnus, Lady Ongar knows that merely winning the estate is not enough to win her respect in the community.  [SH & RR 2012]

Source:  Vergil, Aeneid 9.26.