in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 11 – The Bishop Sends his Inhibition


The personified Rumor (Latin, Fama) in this chapter conveys the swiftness with which the news of Mr. Crawley’s being committed by the magistrates has spread through the county.  Trollope implies that it is always characteristic of Rumor that news and gossip should travel quickly and imperceptibly to ears that will inevitably be ready to hear unflattering news.  See the gloss on Rumor in the commentary for Chapter 17 of The Small House at Allington.  [AM 2006]


T. Barnum

This is perhaps the Latinized name for Barchester which Trollope invented.  Bishop Proudie signs his letter with the Latinized name for Barchester because bishops usually signed their letters with the Latin name of their diocese.  [AM 2006]

Sources:  Trollope, The Last Chronicle of Barset.  Ed. Sophie Gilmartin.  London:  Penguin, 2002.  See note on p. 868.