in Bertrams

Chapter 10 – The Effects of Miss Todd’s Picnic

sanctum sanctorum

Sanctum sanctorum is the Latin phrase for the Hebrew “Holy of Holies.”  This was the inner part of the Temple in Jerusalem that Yahweh himself was supposed to inhabit.  [CD 2012]



The Muslims who hold the key to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and stand watch by the door are called “janitors,” not in the modern sense of “custodial staff,” but in the Latin sense of “door-keepers.”  This use of the word is in line with the Latin etymon of the English word, ianitor.  [CD 2012]


summum bonum

This is a Latin phrase which means “the highest good.”  This is a philosophical concept that originated with Aristotle and later played an important role in Thomism.  The summum bonum is the goal toward which a human endeavors–the goal that one attempts to bring about through actions.  Often this concept is closely related to morality and ethics, and shows up specifically in discussions of what is good for humans, and what good should humans strive for.  Caroline Waddington is portrayed as having both an ethical summum bonum and an ambition to possess money.  She will not marry without love, and not just for money; thus she is described as possessing a summum bonum that isn’t looking to money for happiness.  Yet, because of her regal, Juno-esque character and bearing, she believes strongly in her own worth, and knows that money will need to figure significantly in her marriage calculations.  [CD 2012]

Source:  “Ethics” entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica, online academic edition.