in Barchester Towers

Chapter 10 – Mrs. Proudie’s Reception – Commenced


An English word which is made up of two Latin words: fac, which is an imperative meaning “make” or “do” and totum which means “everything.”  Thus, the word has come to refer to a person who does everything for someone else, almost like a servant or an employee. In this case it refers to Mr. Slope, the Bishop’s chaplain, who does all of Bishop Proudie’s work for him, and is basically his do-everything employee. It is cited by the OED as being in use in English by 1566.  [MD 2005]

Sources:  OED.


Cupid in mosaic

This is a description of Cupid’s picture in mosaic form, which appears on one of Madeline Stanhope’s pieces of jewelry. Madeline is extremely flirtatious with men, and thus her having the god of love on one of her feminine decorations symbolizes her own interests.  Madeline is kind of like Cupid herself, because she attracts men to fall in love with her, but without the traditional bow and arrow of the god of love.  [MD 2005]