in Fixed Period

Chapter 08 – The “John Bright”

triumphal march

President Neverbend describes the procession to the college, where he hopes to deposit Gabriel Crasweller, as a triumphal march.  In ancient Rome, a triumphus was given to successful generals, who were driven through the city in a chariot.  Spoils of war and slaves followed him as a testament to his success.  However, while in the chariot, a slave would hold a laurel wreath above his head and chant memento mori, “remember that you die.”  Crasweller, in the fashion of a Roman triumph, will be led publicly through Gladstonopolis on his way to the college.  President Neverbend intends this to be an honor to him, but the impending fact of his death by euthanasia haunts Crasweller.  [CD & RR 2012]

Source:  OCD.


City of the Dead

Eva calls Necropolis, the proper name of the college which will house people in the year before their death, the “City of the Dead,” which is the literal translation of its Greek components.  President Neverbend is often concerned about the way language is used in reference to the Fixed Period.  Calling the place where those who’ve reached the end of their period “the college,” or “Necropolis,” gives that place a less sinister feel.  When Eva uses Anglo-Saxon derived words, she isn’t using the sophistication and respect that President Neverbend hopes the citizens of Brittanula will display when the talk about the Fixed Period.  Eva is prone to reference the college with these negative words because her father will be the first to be deposited. [CD 2012]