in Last Chronicle of Barset

Chapter 08 – Mr. Crawley is Taken to Silverbridge

Mr. Crawley and Greek

Trollope presents Mr. Crawley with his daughter reading Greek.  He is teaching his daughter to read Greek.  See the commentary for Chapter 4 for more on Greek and Mr. Crawley.  [KD 2006]



The Myrmidons were a race of men and women transformed from ants and created for a lonely Aeacus on the island of Aegina.  Male Myrmidons comprised Achilles’ fighting force at Troy.  The word “myrmidon” can also mean a follower or servant.  Trollope uses this reference in regard to Thompson’s assistant who must walk behind the carriage as the Crawleys are taken to Silverbridge.  [KD 2006]

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By Jove

At Mr. Crawley’s hearing, Lord Lufton exclaims that he wishes he could drop the whole affair about the cheque.  Lufton’s exclamation references Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods.  [KD 2006]