in Barchester Towers

Chapter 06 – War

Te Deum

These two Latin words mean “You God,” and refer to a Latin hymn of praise often sung in morning church services.  The OED cites the use of this term as early as 961 CE.  [MD & TH 2005]

Sources:  OED.


no slight tact

This is an example of Trollope’s use of litotes, a classical construction often seen in his writing; with litotes an author asserts something by negating its opposite. “No slight tact” means that in this case Mr. Slope actually has a lot of tact.  [MD 2005]


the penalties of Hades

Hades was the land of the dead or the Underworld in Greek mythology, and is often equated with Hell by Christian writers. The word is recorded as having occurred as early as 1599 in English writing.  [MD 2005]

Sources:  OED.