in Old Man's Love

Chapter 05 – “I Suppose It Was a Dream”

second self

In the Nichomachean Ethics Aristotle describes a friend as “another self” (heteros autos), which is often conveyed in English as “second self.” Mr. Whittlestaff echoes Aristotle and adapts him to a marital context when he tells Mary, his bride-to-be, that she should “come and go now like my very second self.” [RR 2018]

source:  Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics 1170b.



Trollope tells us that Mary Lawrie “had endeavoured to resume the gift” of marriage to Mr. Whittlestaff, and this use of resume activates its etymological components: re (back, again), sum (from sumere, take, appropriate). [RR 2018]