in Barchester Towers

Chapter 04 – The Bishop’s Chaplain

the power to assume the tyrant

Here Trollope seems to be using the word “tyrant” in its more classical sense of a usurper of power rather than the more modern sense of an oppressive ruler.  Trollope never implies that Mr. Slope would be an unjust or cruel ruler, but it is very clear that his aim is to take control of the bishop and use him as a puppet while Slope himself maneuvers the strings.  [JC 2005]


fresh authority of the New Testament

This is a slight reference to the Greek adjective kainos which means “fresh” or “new” and which is the source of our translation of “new” in the name of the New Testament.  Trollope would have known this word and may probably have been thinking of it when he described the “fresh” authority that Slope could not draw from the “Fresh” Testament.  [JC 2005]