in Framley Parsonage

Chapter 04 – A Matter of Conscience

ambition is a great vice

“And ambition is a great vice–as Mark Antony told us a long time ago…”  This is a reference to the Mark Antony of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.  In that play, Mark Antony gives a speech in which he berates Brutus for being ambitious, which was a trait that Brutus himself had accused Julius Caesar of having.  This is of course, not a Classical source, but a very English one that hearkens back to ancient Rome.  [JC 2005]

Sources:  Shakespeare, Julius Caesar 3.2.


chaplain pro tem

When Mrs. Proudie first meets Mark Robarts, she likes him and thinks that he could make a nice honorary chaplain “pro tem” (= pro tempore) which means “for a time.”  Americans will recognize pro tem as the title given to the person in the United States Senate who presides when the president of the Senate is absent.  [JC 2005]