in Dr. Wortle's School

Chapter 03 – The Mystery


When discussing Mr. Peacocke’s rescue of the student from the stream, Dr. Wortle tells Mr. Peacocke that he felt lucky to have had a man such as Mr. Peacocke “ready at such an emergence.”  “Emergence” here works like “emergency,” but perhaps we should also sense some of its literal etymological meaning at play:  its Latin components e– (“out from”) and merg- (“plunge”) bespeak a coming out of water, and Mr. Peacocke’s response to the emergency was to bring the student out of the stream.  [RR 2014]



Ferdinand Lefroy’s actions “solve all bonds of affection” between himself and his wife.  Trollope uses “solve” here to signify something equivalent to the Latin verb solvere from which it is derived:  “to loosen, break up.”  [RR 2014]