in Claverings

Chapter 01 – Julia Brabazon

Julia Brabazon

The gens Julia was a long-standing aristocratic clan in ancient Rome, the most famous member of which was Julius Caesar.  Julia Brabazon’s bearing befits an association of her name with Caesar:  she often tries to take command of situations, she is ambitious for herself, and she is concerned about her status.  [RR 2012]


Harry the schoolmaster

At the start of the novel, the Cambridge-educated Harry Clavering is a fellow of his college and a teacher at St. Cuthbert’s, a prestigious school.  Although Harry foregoes a possible academic career, Trollope presents him assuming a teacherly stance at points in the novel:  he quotes Latin to Florence in Chapter 10 to illustrate his point, and we learn in Chapter 43 that he once taught Julia a bit of Horace.  [RR 2012]


Hermione Clavering

In Greek mythology, Hermione is the daughter of Helen and Menelaus.  Trollope’s use of the name in The Claverings probably owes more to Shakespeare than to Classics:  in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale, Hermione is a wife treated poorly by her husband, and in The Claverings Hermione is mistreated by her spouse,  Sir Hugh Clavering.  [RR 2012]