Progress Reports

2016-early 2017: Commentary on The Three Clerks is being edited and posted.

July 2014: Commentary, proper names, and vocabula items for Dr. Wortle’s School have been posted. Additional commentary and vocabula items for The Warden have been posted.

January 2014: Vocabula items from The Claverings have been posted.

February 2013: Commentary and proper names for The Claverings have been posted.

August 2012: Some final glosses and vocabula for The Fixed Period and The American Senator have been posted. Commentary for The Bertrams is now complete.

June 2012: Commentary for The American Senator has been posted.

May 2012: More words from The American Senator and The Bertrams have been added to Vocabula. Characters from The American Senator and The Bertrams have been added to the Proper Names page. Commentary, proper names, and vocabula for The Fixed Period have been posted.

Spring 2012: The Vocabula section was substantially revised to present more information in a more uniform way.  The Links section has been updated to include some sites that have graciously given us some good press!

July 2011: Commentary for The Warden, Barchester Towers, Doctor Thorne, Framley Parsonage, The Small House at Allington, and The Last Chronicle of Barset are back online. All content from the old site has now been added to the new one.

early-mid June 2011: The migration to new site begins.  The “About” pages are updated.  Links, Vocabula, and Proper Names lists are back online.